Wall Sculptures Below Stairs

 Two large wall pieces for Below Stairs, Edinburgh.

One is made up of layers of clear perspex, allowing you to see through to the stone back wall. These sheets are airbrushed on all sides to give an idea of depth then back lit and encased with an ornate frame.

The other is a corner piece, one half is an airbrushed stencil design in copper paint. The other half is a mirror of this design in copper pipe and steel.


Electric Circus Murals

Murals for the Electric Circus karaoke bar, Edinburgh.

These murals are airbrushed on a large scale taking up entire walls and doors as well as full surround rooms.

Malibu sponsored one of these rooms.

Below Stairs Murals

These are airbrushed murals for Below Stairs, Edinburgh. A large gold flourish which wrapped around woodwork and along the stair wall to guide you down into the club, this wall had a durable clear coat added as would be a high traffic area.

The ladies and gents toilets had one off artwork airbrushed directly onto the doors .

A lower corridor leading to a garden received a gold swirl design with stenciled  logos sponsored by Smirnoff .